Thursday, January 27, 2005

Subject: Re: Invitation from Umbria, Italy
Hi John,Thanks for the kind invitation. I do believe a story about yourproperty would make an interesting article. It turn out that Umbriais my favorite region of Italy and I looked long and hard for aproperty myself (I wish I had known of your site a couple of yearsago!) but eventually I bought a place in in the Lunigiana.We seem to have somewhat parallel lives going here. The first house Iever rented in Europe was Calboccia, near you around Umbertide. Ialso know Bill Hocker, of model soldier fame; I worked with Bill onan archaeolgical project on Sardinia, where he was enlisted to doarchitectural drawings of the Nuraghe, while I handled thearchaeology and the cooking.I also have a website offering properties in the Lunigiana--as a helpto the agency from which I bought my house. I also attended theUniversity for Foreigners in Perugia to work on my Italian.I really enjoyed your stories on Tunstill's Umbria. Not so differentthan life in the Lunigiana or in the interior of Sardinia for thatmatter.I've added a link to La Preghiera to my Umbria Lodging links. category doesn't get a lot of page views--but I'll writesomething on the joys of Umbria soon and maybe we can get somethinggoing on that.I'll be in Italy in late spring/early summer. Perhaps we can arrangea visit then.
James Martin
Europe for Visitors