Tuesday, February 22, 2005

After a year of work the house is ready to receive new guests, the ‘strangers who are friends that we haven’t yet met’, according to a local proverb. The swimming pool is basically constructed and only needs the finishing touches, and a few drops of water.
We are now busy taking photos for the various magazines that want articles about our life and background, the restoration and conversion of this, our home, and other sites, which we are building or restoring for ourselves and also for our clients. More photos are now needed for the wedding magazines because with our own church we can have wedding ceremonies, or, in the case of older people, already well married, they can have a re-affirmation of their vows. These pics have hardly been cooked before another magazine, about hairstyles, wants a piece about hair, nails and beauty, which we can offer to our guests, whilst yet another wants to write about the possibility of spa holidays, and of course the famous site of Fontecchio is only a few miles away at Cittá di Castello.
Apart from that the local magazine, Valley Life wants articles and pictures on soldiers, www.soldierssoldiers.com, and Italian postcards, www.cartolinetunstill.com, and will be promoting both the site www.tunstillsumbria.com about our life and times here in Italy, and also www.reelstreets.com about the real locations used in British films of the 20’s to the 80’s.
We’ve also just received back the first draft of the illustrated travel book on our Indian holiday of ten or so years ago.
On Sundays we sleep very late!