Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Televisions and VCRs, UK tvs will pick up sound or vision, not both without conversion. UK VCRs can be used to play back English or Italian tapes as long as they are relayed through an English tv. The Italian PAL system is different from the UK one. Tapes work fine, but don't mix tv's and VCRs.

There are about a dozen available channels in our area, all obviously in Italian. BBC world service can be received with any reasonable wireless set. And now, with satellite systems, there must be a couple of hundred stations to choose from.

Music tapes and CDs are now international and easily obtained, videos can be hired, but usually in Italian. DVDs are usually dual-language (Italian and English) (Region 2).

In many restaurants and all homes the television is always on. Trying to cope with the babble of Italian, with everyone usually speaking at the same time, and the television roaring away, can be a problem.