Friday, July 08, 2005

We have recently had James Martin to stay with us, who writes for a very interesting and informative website
Afterwards he sent us the following note which we wanted to share with our friends:
Greetings John, Liliana, and Sally Ann,

Thanks for a great experience at La Preghiera. The lunch was great, and
Martha remarked on the way home that it was just like visiting family. It
was indeed, without the bickering and things that family visits can

In any case, I think you have a winner in La Preghiera!

It took us a while to get home, given the completely snarled traffic
around Florence, the gelato we had to consume (grin), and a stop at
another hill town in, um, Tuscany; but we looked at the pictures and put
up one of my longest blog posts to date on your great property.

Thanks again for a wonderful time.

James Martin

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