Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sebastian Kelly

A special visitor came to stay at La Preghiera this week, Sebastian Kelly, Editor of the Daily Mail’s Property on Sunday, and author of Amedeo, a fascinating account of Amedeo Guillet, Italy’s most decorated war hero and distinguished postwar diplomat. Sebastian had met John and Liliana some 15 years ago when he was writing another book “Setting up in Italy”, about living and working abroad and found that they had much in common, not least John’s substantial lead soldier collection, which is now housed in the museum at La Preghiera. Here also, Sebastian was pleased to discover that John has many original newspapers of “Corriere della Sera” from the 1930’s, the time of the Abyssinian campaign in which Amedeo was deeply involved.

Leaving us a signed copy of Amedeo, Sebastian writes:

“To John and Liliana – After the years, we meet again. I’ve written a book and you’re living in an idyll….”

Accompanied by his delightful daughters, Emily and Anna, they too signed our visitor book:

“Cool, fab, fun and lovely” – Coming from an eleven year old, we think this high praise indeed!