Friday, December 16, 2005


There is a place in Perugia, Umbria, where tradition and modernity meet : the Perugina Historical Museum. An enchanting voyage on planet chocolate that starts with the discovery of the precious bean and culminates in a tour of the factory! And two days ago, the staff of La Preghiera, went to see the Historical Museum of Perugina…
A very fascinating visit between magic and technology to thrill both children and adults: chocolate bars, Easter eggs, armies of Baci!
We started with the Confectionery of 1907, a century of history marked by famous products: the Bacio, the soft centred Rossana, the Carrarmato bar, right on up the latest novelties by the School of Chocolate! We continued with the advertising history, retracing a broad cross-section of Italian customs and tradition.
Then we finished with the tour of the factory and with the shop, which costs a third of normal prices!
It was a great day, an unforgettable tour, whose sweetness is guaranteed by the free samples reserved to each visitor!
…a delight for the eyes and for the sweet tooth!