Monday, February 27, 2006

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July 07, 2005
Rethinking Vacation Lodging - La Preghiera in Umbria

When John and Liliana Tunstill invited me to see their magnificently restored 12th century monastic outpost called La Preghiera in Umbria, I quickly agreed. After all, Umbria is my favorite region of Italy; its resources are much less strained by tourism than bordering Tuscany, and the hilltowns and culture are equally enticing.
La Preghiera has been transformed into a 11 room guest house, each room unique--and the restoration is top notch. Maybe it's time to stop thinking about your vacation hotel as a sterile box you stay in while taking in a bit of European history. At La Preghiera you're living within a historical touchstone on the pilgrimage route between Gubbio and Cortona-- John will explain the history of the structure to you, show you the historic collection of tools he's assembled from Umbrian houses he's restored, and then, if you're not overwhelmed at that point, he'll continue with an amazing tour that includes a collection of European post cards, an incredible collection of "toy" soldiers, Mussolini's Umbrian toilet paper (!), and more. You can get married at La Preghiera in a restored Romanesque church--or if marriage is not your style you can just hang around the pool and think of lost loves. Either way, get thee to Umbria and check out La Preghiera. They can arrange a spa visit, a truffle hunt, cooking classes (or cookery classes, your choice). It's not just a hotel.