Wednesday, March 08, 2006

8th March….Women’s Day!

There are various stories regarding the origins of Women’s day. The most reliable I have found goes like this:
In March of 1908 in New York, the workers of a cotton cloth plant went on strike to protest working conditions. The strike lasted for several days until the owner of the plant became very upset, closed and locked all of the doors and exits and set fire to the plant. The 129 women inside were burned to death. Following this episode, Rosa Luxemburg, proposed that this day become an annual event to protest, around the world, for Women’s rights.
For the first years the day was simply a memorial to the horrible episode however, with the expansion of the feminist movements, this day become a focal point for manifestations to bring attention to the arguments of the feminist associations.
Today, very few women know the original reason for the eighth of March however it has become a great day for all the ladies! In Italy, it is custom to give a branch of Mimosa to every woman you know. The Mimosa, ACACIA PODALYRIIFOLIA, symbolizes the wild flowers in the field around the building that was burned..
Women’s day is an important part of recent Italian culture. Most people will have tried the drink Mimosa or the dessert Mimosa, both of which are tied to the popularity of the flower during the early days of March.

So, have a lovely day and VIVA LE DONNE!