Wednesday, March 29, 2006


This week has seen the tremendous success of “La Moda Umbra”, the Umbrian Fashion Show, held for the first time in New York.

Umbria is Tuscany’s gentler and prettier sister, a county set in the middle of Italy and still home to the values and virtues that have exported Umbrian living, eating, lifestyle and now fashion, to the world’s markets.

John and Liliana Tunstill, the couple who “invented” Umbria some twenty five years ago, are still in business, running a top quality boutique hotel in a 12th century monastery, offering villa rentals in a delightfully restored country house, and rebuilding, refurbishing and selling more than 250 farming properties since they first arrived in the “Green Heart of Italy” Umbria.

Umbria Jazz, which accompanied the Fashion Show, is an annual festival held in Perugia, the major city in Umbria, and which is attended by thousands of enthusiasts each year. Sally Ann and Marco Marconi although this time not accompanying the Jazz group organise and play, with their combo in the surrounding medieval cities. Marco is a professor of jazz music at the musical academy of Perugia and Sally Ann had appeared on the London stage prior to her marriage.

The Helen Mills Theatre in New York has supported this Umbria festival by putting on Casa d’Umbria, a play that was made into a film a couple of years ago with Maggie Smith, “My House in Umbria”. Just to the other side of the Tunstill’s lies Cortona, site of the novel “Under the Tuscan Sun”, by Francis Mayes, and the locally written “Under Too Much Tuscan Sun”.

The Tunstills are seeking agents on the east coast of the USA to promote their business to the growing number of Americans who are beginning to appreciate the benefits of living the traditional life, in a traditional area, where traditional values still hold good and where traditional properties are still to be found.

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