Wednesday, May 03, 2006


HEAVENLY HOSTS- from Yorkshire Evening Post – Alison Bellamy

"You can enjoy a massage or beauty treatment from a local masseur or therapist, in your room or lying by the magnificent swimming pool, to help make your trip truly relaxing. Early evening was my favourite time, when the sunset never failed to impress. An early evening visit to a nearby shopping outlet which stocks designer clothes at bargain prices. We were told that we could save the equivalent of the price of our holiday in savings of luxury items.
There is a small chapel in the grounds of La Preghiera, where you can get married. It would be the perfect setting for a wedding, and because we had just become engaged, we started dreaming about the possibility of getting married there. But that would mean everyone we like and love could not be there when we make our vows, so we decided to stick to the original plan and get wed in Yorkshire. The food is spectacular and has to be tasted to be believed. Fresh local produce, hunks of bread, cheese and the finest wine I can ever remember. A visit to a local wine producers is also worth arranging, as tasting the local offerings is lots of fun (plus you can end up merry for just a few Euros!). the Italian people are utterly charming. The adore children and youngsters of all ages are made particularly welcome in restaurants and eateries, where there is a real family atmosphere until late into night.
Umbria is next door to Tuscany and Lazio, and really is true taste of Italy. You are not likely to find drunken Brits in the towns and village squares and I really felt like I had discovered the jewel in Italy’s crown. It is one of the few Italian regions to have no coastline, and its countryside is green and fertile, with an amazing view in every direction. La Preghiera is the place I will be heading for if I ever have a nervous breakdown. They will look after you and cater to your every whim."