Saturday, July 22, 2006


La Preghiera: "Wonderful"
July 17th, 2006: A TripAdvisor Member, Magdeburg, Germany

My soon-to-be husband and I spent a too short weekend at La Preghiera. We loved the people, the place, the surroundings, the food... pretty much everything. In fact I cannot come up with a negative thought.

The atmosphere is absolutely relaxing and the service is exceptional. We enjoyed reading by the pool the most. I recommend to rent a car for your stay there, because you need to drive to get to a restaurant for dinner (lunch can be served poolside at La Preghiera !), but also to explore the wonderful countryside even more (it was way too hot for biking!).

We had a wonderful stay and we were delighted to meet Sally Ann, Liliana and John who made our experience even more memorable. They did anything they could to make us more comfortable and at the end, when we had to leave, the staff, Sally Ann, Liliana and John were standing on the small bridge in front of the house, waving us good-bye!! It felt like leaving home. We hope to return soon.