Friday, October 27, 2006


“Dear John and Liliana,

the loving couple, Michael and Lyndsay, having returned from honeymoon, full of tales of the wonders of the far east and having enjoyed the party for all their friends in and around the north east, I thought it time to write to express our gratitude for making their wedding weekend such a special occasion.

I’m sure that Michael and Lyndsaywill be contacting you, but it appears that the old world of raffles, the hustle and bustle of Singapore interspersed with the total tranquillity of Tioman Island conspired to create, what a honeymoon should be, an unforgettable experience.

However, the precedent for a successful time had already been set by yourselves and your staff. We continually said whilst we were with you that the setting was absolutely perfect. Not just for the wedding itself but as a place for two families to get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company in a beautiful and relaxed environment. It was very special. I scribbled something quickly in your visitors book but there was insufficient room to write all the thoughts we had regarding yourselves, your lovely home, the warm reception, your very efficient, warm and helpful staff, and all the events, of what seemed to be at least a week, not 3 days (perhaps it seemed a week to yourselves).

Pat and I had purposely tried to avoid the pre-match chat by Michael, Lindsay, Richard and Linda of what the venue was like, what would happen, where we would go, etc etc, because we wanted to enjoy the setting and weekend for the first time when we arrived. You know that we were absolutely bowled over the setting and we would not have changed, or hoped to improve on any aspect of the weekend. Obviously this spoke volumes for the time which Sally Ann, Michael and Lyndsay had spent discussing the event, but came down to the calm, efficient but extremely warm way in which everything proceeded. That you all found time to help or converse with people as well as always looking as if you were enjoying yourselves, must be very difficult with a, sometimes, rowdy crowd. Certainly Pat and I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations we had with you all and my only regret is that I only managed ten minutes downstairs in the museum; where did all the time go!

For your warm welcome to your lovely home, for creating a wonderful setting in which Michael and Lyndsay could be married and for being such charming hosts along with your staff, Pat and I thank you very much.

We wish you all the very best for the reminder of the year and trust the future will be kind to you all.

Yours aye

Pat and Brian Parker”