Thursday, December 07, 2006

On line shopping: eBay

This year marks the eleventh anniversary of eBay, the world’s biggest auction website. eBay started in san Jose, California and is now worth more than $50 billion. It has more than 150 million members and local sites for more than 20 countries, including US, UK, Australia, Germany and Italy. Every day, members put hundreds of thousands of new and used items on eBay, which other members can then bid for. To sell something on eBay, you must photograph it, write about it and later send it to the buyer. If you don’t want to do all this , you can take it to a store like iSold It. There people will do the work for you for a share of the selling price.
Most people use eBay because think in a department store you will not have the same variety as you can get on eBay. And also for the price, a good price.

On Ebay Italy:

•A bottle of wine is sold every 11 minutes
•A watch is sold every 6 minutes
•A postcard is sold every 3 minutes
•A DVD is sold every 20.5 minutes.
•A fashion item is sold every 45 seconds

Unusual listings

•A fish culture – sold for € 1,615,000 in 2004
•A call center with 76 cubicles – sold for € 500,000 in 2004
•An Ancient copy of Dante’s Divine Commedy – sold for € 75,000 in 2004
•A 1946 Vespa 98 – sold for € 43,550 in 2005

The Weird and the Wonderful

You never know what you’re going to find on eBay. In a few clicks, people can put up anything from a ghost in a jar to their virginity – and they have! Here are some other weird things that people have tried to sell on eBay:

•Britney Spears’ chewed bubble-gum
•The meaning of life
•A UFO detector
•A vampire-killing kit
•A collection of real shrunken heads


Nobody knows whether anyone has ever bought the above items. But the following items have actually been sold on Ebay:

•An elephant’s ear ($156).
•A vintage wooden yo-yo ($1,645)
•Justin Timberlake’s partially- eaten French toast.
•The oldest known pair of Levi’s jeans.
•Man’s entire life’s possessions
•Gulfstream private business jet (at $4.9 million, the most expensive item ever sold on eBay).
•Grilled cheese sandwich with image of the Virgin Mary
•Woman’s deceased father’s walking cane, ghost included
•Three tablespoons of water from a cup used by Elvis Presley
•Man’s forehead, for advertising space
•The Pope’s Volkswagen Golf