Thursday, January 04, 2007

Weddings in Italy are now the official first choice of the rich and famous!

Last year, 2006, Tom Cruise, has married his fiancée Katie Holmes, near Rome, which sparked a flurry of excitement in the Italian capital.
The pair were married, at the most glamorous wedding of the year, at a lakeside castle in Bracciano, north of Rome, on Saturday, with 150 guests….
The couple wanted a romantic, fairytale, intimate atmosphere combined with fantastic cuisine to celebrate their marriage.
You can follow the stars and have a dream wedding at La Preghiera, a luxury 12th Century converted monastery, in Umbria, Italy.
Guests at this exclusive retreat have a choice of wedding ceremony styles. A beautiful, candle-lit legal religious ceremony or blessing can be held in the Oratorio, which is multi-denominational, and where services can be arranged in English or other languages. The chapel can seat up to fifty two guests and more if some are standing. for a Luxury accommodation in Umbria!