Thursday, March 15, 2007

Folklore - Women's Festival in Ficulle

In Ficulle, a town in the region of Terni, women will be at the centre offestivities to celebrate Women's Day, which on the 8th of March is a veryimportant day in the whole of Italy.The Festival is scheduled to run from March 4th to 11th in a series of eventsranging from art shows to crafts, theatre performances, cultural meetings andfood tastings.The traditional gift on Women's Day is a small bouquet of the Spring yellowmimosa flower, which is given as a token of friendship among women, as a tokenof love from the men to their ladies, and also in shops, restaurants, schoolsand workplaces the little bouquet is offered to girls, teenagers, and adultwomen.Every village, town and city in Italy will be having events, and it is a daywhen women get together to celebrate, and it is the day when men say thank youto their women for looking after the family and the home, and a day ofrecognition for all they do!
Ficule, en la región the Terni celebrará el Día de la Mujer con un festival deteatro, artesanías y comidas que se llevará a cabo entre el 4 y el 11 de marzo.El Día de la Mujer es muy importante en toda Italia, y se celebra regalandoramitos de mimosa, la flor amarilla tradicional para este día. Se regalan entreamigas y colegas de trabajo, y también los hombres a las mujeres, enreconocimiento a todo lo que ellas hacen para con la familia y el hogar.Es un día en que se brinda amor, amistad y colaboración entre niñas,adolescentes, y mujeres adultas, festejando con reuniones y encuentros de todotipo.