Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lounging & Nightlife in Umbria - Javier Girotto & Aires Tango in Terni

Terni is the second largest city in Umbria, and often hosts international musicevents, and unlike the capital of Umbria, Perugia, where classical music eventsprevail, many of the cities and towns in the provincial areas are especiallyinterested in promoting folklore and national music from around the world,which up to recent times was only presented in the large cities of Italy. In anattempt to make the different cultures more widely known, it with great pleasureand expectation that this international music event is awaited!

Half way between tango and jazz, on March 1st at the Auditorium Gazzoli hostedJavier Girotto & Aires Tango in Trentamila Cuori (Thirty thousand Hearts). Theplayers and instruments which participated were Javier Girotto, sax and Andeanflute; Alessandro Gwis, piano; Marco Siniscalco, double bass and Michele Rabbiapercussions.

Las Noches de Entretenimiento en Umbria - Javier Girotto & Aires Tango en Terni

Terni es la segunda ciudad más grande de la Umbria, donde se realizan varioseventos musicales folclóricos, mientras que en Perugia, la capital de la Umbriaprevalecen los conciertos de música clásica.Muchas de las ciudades regionales promueven espectáculos musicales para hacerconocer las diferentes culturas musicales del mundo, y el 1 de marzo se realizóen el auditorio Gazzoli un concierto entre tango y jazz por Javier Girotto &Aires Tango en Trentamila Cuori. Los instrumentistas fueron Javier Girotto,saxófono y fluata indiana; Alessandro Gwiss, piano; Marco Siniscalco, doblebajo; y Michele Rabbia, percusión.