Thursday, August 23, 2007

Italian wine is the world’s best.

More than a billion Euro of wine exported to USA in 2006, more than all the French wine, 20% increase on last year. Ferragamo, Bulgari and Cinzano have now entered the “fashionable” wine business investing millions of Euro in vineyards, winerys etc. and offering best quality “boutique” wines for € 450 a bottle!!! BBC World News 22/8/07
As basic ingredients come from the soil, the water and the sun, all three of which are abundant in Umbria, our part of Italy, and our wine costs from € 2 a bottle maybe hype, spin and advertising are at work. However there are dozens of first class wine producers in our area who only produce a few thousand bottles per year, which is not sufficient for a marketing or advertising campaign, or even hype, spin or flim-flam, so we drink it locally. Maybe you’d like an introduction to our local winerys, September is the wine harvesting time, La Preghiera is the place, and Sally Ann is the girl.