Tuesday, September 18, 2007

End of Season Suggestions

Film Buffs, http://www.reelstreets.com/, come and discuss the merits of some 200 British films

Lead soldier enthusiasts, http://www.soldierssoldiers.com/, come and view some 30,000 model figures

Property seekers, http://www.propertiesumbria.com/, 200 properties sold, 65 restored, come and talk to the “master”

Luxury accommodation, http://www.lapreghiera.com/, ……………treat yourself with end of season discounts.

Villa rentals, http://www.villamoscatelli.com/, ……..or bring a group of friends for self catering

Weddings, http://www.weddingsumbria.com/, if you’re thinking of getting hitched, have a look at this site

English language, http://www.tunstillsdislexicon.com/, fascinated by words? This is where the Dislexicon began

Ryanair are offering penny flights, there and back, Stanstead to Bologna Forli, just an hour and 50 minutes from us. A closer airport, Asissi/Perugia also has Ryanair flights, and it’s only 20 minutes away

And what’s Umbria like? Look at http://www.lifeinumbria.com/

Contact Neal on info@lapreghiera.com for bookings, we’ve only got 11 rooms, and the season ends on 15th October

Best wishes

Liliana and John Tunstill