Monday, September 29, 2008

10 Italian Coffee’s to get you started

For the tourist it is essential to understand the different types of coffee available in Italy. In between the simple British cup of coffee and the American Grande, “double half caf decaf, skinny and hold the foam“, there is a logical order of caffe. So when you are asked “Mi dica”, "tell me", here are your options to probably ensure you get the drink you desire.

1) Espresso or just caffe’ - Small, strong, black coffee in a little cup.
2) Caffe' lungo - As above but with more hot water.
3) Cappuccino - Espresso shot with milk and a foamy top to keep the heat in, coated in cocoa or cinnamon and served in a large cup. Normally a breakfast drink. The name comes from the Franciscan order called the Capuchin, who wore a beige pointed hooded cloak, a "cappuccio".
4) Caffelatte - Large milky coffee, normally delivered in a tall glass. Although it is common within the UK and America to refer to this drink as a Latte, in Italy this will get you a glass of milk.
5) Caffe Doppio - A double or long espressso shot.
6) Americano - Espresso, hot water and milk, meant to emulate peculated coffee for the American soldiers in the Second World War.
7) Caffe macchiato - Espresso shot with a dash of milk in, a "stained" coffee.
8) Ristretto - A very strong, small black coffee, a half-sized, double strength espresso.
9) Caffe’ Freddo - Espresso poured over ice to chill, ideal for a hot summer's day.
10) Caffe’ Corretto - Coffee with a shot of liqueur, but not for breakfast!