Monday, October 27, 2008

Eurochoc Festival

Well it was the last day of the Eurochoc Festival in Perugia yesterday and if you weren't able to enjoy the clear blue skies, uncommonly 24 degrees and the oodles of chocolate stalls, you will have to now wait until next year. The streets were packed with festa goers, everyone sampling their favourite morsel, people lounging on the steps of the Duomo, slumped on the pavements and sidewalks or relaxing in the Giardini Carducci.

There was something for all tastes. If your mantra is "a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips" there was diet chocolate, those with speciality dietry needs like vegetarians or diabetics were catered for and even the family pet could get a treat from the "Doggie Chocolate" seller. You could play chocolate chess, drink it and have fruit covered in it. This was a cocoa lovers paradise.

Mars Bar to Queen's Rook (picture by UmbriaArt)

With all the major producers present, Bacci, Perugina, Toblerone, Novi, it was nice to also see the smaller local producers demonstrating their Chocolatiers skils. The bus company laid on the Chocoline service and regular Chocotrains were running from Ponte San Giovanie so you didn't have any transport headaches getting into the old town.

So we now have to wait another 358 days until nest year. If you are planning 2009's tour, along with the truffles, chestnuts, fruits of the forest and beer festa's, Perugia's chocolate extravaganza is a must.

Even the statues need a break (picture by UmbriaArt)