Friday, January 30, 2009


Middle of Winter but there are still a
number of plays and live music
concerts around the area, the biggest
event has to be the Carnivale in Piazza
where the children of the area get to
dress up and parade around the town.

1st - Tuoro, Teatro Comuniale, Silent Movies of Buster Keaton
7th – C.di C, Il Fondino “Rockin Opposition”, music and poems by Facopo Falchi
15th – Piazza Metteotti, Antique Market
15th - Umbertide, Teatro dei Riuniti, Production “Era una notte calda d’inverno”
17th – C.di C, Teatro Comuniale, Production of “Viaggiatori di pianura Acque mobile”
22nd - C. di C. Festa di Carnevale, lots of fun for the kids.
22nd - C. di C. Teatro Comuniale, Production of “Clash to me”
22nd – Gubbio Monthly market of locally produced, ecological goods.
27th - C. di C. Teatro Comuniale, Production of “U ciclopu” directed by V. Pirrotta.

Exhibitions throughout the Upper Tiber Valley

Alfredo Santarelli 1874 – 1957, Ceramicist, C. di S. Francesco, Gualdo Tadino.

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