Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hotel Heaven

A recent German, scientific study into people's experience of hotel rooms has revealed some interesting theories. The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering created a virtual hotel room with the aim of showing the hotel industry a variety of innovations and gadgets which could enhance the customer's experience.

They recommend curved walls as straight lines leave guests feeling depressed; this is extended to the furniture which is also rounded. It features an energy bed which vibrates, directional floor lighting and coloured mood lamps, as well as a jacuzzi with a mirror that can link to your emails as you soak.

Some 700 years ago when the Brothers of the Olive established La Preghiera as a monastery their idea of luxury was a well giving them clean water and an oven to make fresh bread. When it was recently renovated and turned into a hotel, under floor heating, a swimming pool and internet access increased the luxury experience. Luckily a building of this age has few walls which run straight and true and the ever changing Umbrian sunlight gives it natural mood lighting.

Will the Fraunhofer Institutes centrally linked computer, information system lead to the end of the beautifully produced, colourful brochures, leaflets and hand written notes detailing tonight's menu specials. For all the cool tones, soothing whale music and drink carrying robots they offer, you will have to go a long way to beat the peace and tranquillity offered by the Umbrian, Tuscan countryside. The feeling of life doesn't get much better than this as you relax in the sunshine by the pool or enjoy some of the locally produced cuisine.

Why go futuristic when you can step back in time to another age and easy pace of life at La Preghiera?