Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year Festa’s around the Upper Tiber Valley

Until 6th Jan Duomo, C. di Castello, 9th Annual Exhibition of Nativity cribs.
Featuring over 50 scenes from Italy and Latin America.
Until 6th Jan Church St Apollinare, C. di Castello – Presepi di Sabbia, an sculptural exhibition made in sand by the artist Leonardo Ugolini. Entrance €2.
Until 6th Jan Miniture Workshops, Logge Bufalini C.di Castello – 800 crib figures from all over the world.
1st Jan Umbertide, Museum S. Croce – New Year Concert, music by Strauss and Rossini performed by the Hubay Ensemble
1st – 6th Jan Volteranno – Living Nativity
3rd Jan C. di Castello centre – Pasquella, travelling group of singers recite traditional Christmas songs.
4th Jan Celalba, S. Guistino – Festival of Bethlehem, featuring a live nativity.
5th Jan Church St M. Assunta, Corciano – Delta Gospel Singers, part of the Trasimeno Soul Christmas.
6th Jan Teatro Accademia, Tuoro – Trasimeno Gospel Choir, conclusion of the Tresimeno Soul Christmas celebrations.
6th Jan C.di Castello, Torre Civica – Befana descends from the tower to distribute sweets to the children.
6th Jan Montone – Arrival of The Befana in P. Fortebraccio.
6th Jan Lerchi - Festival of Befana with lots of gifts for the children.
6th Jan C.di Castello, Church of S. Francesco - Epiphany Concert, recital of works by Handel and Haydn.
18th Jan P. Matteotti – Antiques market
20th Jan C.di Castello, Church Buon Consiglio – Costumed story telling of the life of Saint Sebastian.
22nd Jan C.di Castello, Teatro Comunale – “Zago Zago” production by S. Alleva.29th Jan Umbertide, Teatro Riuniti – “Les Bonnes” production by G. Marini