Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two Pints of Larger and a packet of crisps please!

We are all aware of cheap flights to the continent. Deals are always to be found for accommodation but what about the day to day cost of your holiday. How much are you likely to rack up buying the kids ice cream, having a few lunchtime beers or taking your other half out for a meal. These are where you can really make a saving when you stay in Italy ’s, Upper Tiber Valley.

We compared the prices for similar activities in the U.K. and Umbria , these included a pizza meal, round of drinks, day trip out on public transport and visiting a tourist attraction.


Pizza, chips and a drink (Pizza Hut)136.5
3 Course Meal (for 2)40 (minimum)33(max, with wine)
Train journey ( Cardiff – Bristol )12.403.30 (same distance)
5 mile taxi trip2018
Ice Cream31.80
Museum entry (V&A/ Pinacoteca)93.70
Chinese Take Away (for 4)3528
Sticky bun2.501
Theme Park ( Alton Towers / Mirabillandia)9945
Car Hire (VW Golf - Avis for 4 days)158165

So you can still get more for your pound when you come to Umbria on holiday. With lots of attractions, activities and historical sites to visit, gorgeous food to sample and delicious ice cream and cakes to eat you are guaranteed to have a lovely time.

There are many excellent family run restaurants and the market town of Citta di Castello boasts establishments providing Chinese and Mexican cuisine. Public transport is a fraction of the cost with the journey between Umbertide and Perugia costing only £3.30 and bus fares into Citta di Castello from its outlying regions a snip at only £1.10.

If as part of your holiday you would like to visit a theme park, “Mirabillandi” is good value for money. If you buy a pass for one day, the second day is free. For the culture vultures amongst you the entrance fee for Pinacoteca in Citta di Castello also gives you access to the Burri and Cathedral Museums for free.

The main consideration for a holiday has to be the weather and in Umbria you can, usually, be sure of clear blue skies and warm sunny days between Mid June to September. What price could you put on not having rain to contend with?

Why not leave behind the dreary, grey skies and rain and visit us in the heart of Italy ? You could pop to Florence for the day on a train and visit other wonderful sites in the nearby Tuscany region.