Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Cycling Through Umbria

Sunday, April 5th, saw the running of the 15th Upper Tiber Valley Cycling tournament. Teams of cyclists from all over Italy decended on the area all weekend to join in this annual 155km ride through some of the most beautiful countryside in Umbria.

The circuit started in the historic centre of Citta di Castello, heading south towards Trestina, through its surrounding hills.and back through San Secondo with its famous narrow gap, "the stretto", back to Citta di Castello. Then up to Lama, San Giustino and finally the picturesque village of Citerna before heading back to Citta di Castello and the finish. This now established national event kicks off the cycling season with many more competitions to take place throughout the province. One commentator said it was like the "Cavallo di San Francesco" on bikes weaving their way through the TIber valley, except this time is was only the traffic they were trying to avoid and not the City Guards of Perugia.

For the less competative cyclists out there Umbria provides excellent oportunities with the Appenine trail or the Walks of Saint Francis around Assisi but even a gentle ride through the many country lanes and hillside trails will prove an enjoyable experience.