Monday, May 04, 2009

May's Programme of Events

May truly sees the start of the festa season, with the Umbrian town of Gubbio staging two of the big events of the year. Both the Festa dei Ceri (the candle race) and Palio della Balestra (crossbow competition) are unmisable occassions in the Upper Tiber Valley calendar.

Until 7th Citta di Castello, Piazza Vitelli, Exhibition covering a range of furniture, arts and crafts
1st - 3rd Citerna “Citerna Fotografia” exhibition of photos by Vasco Ascolini
1st – 3rd Pistrino 19th annual “festa dei fiori” agricultural and flower show.
4th – 13th Cdi C Stadio Bernicchi holds the “Trofeo Cartoedit” junior football tournament.
6th – 8th Cdi C Cathedral, 11th E. Zangarelli musical competition for school children.
7th – 9th Assisi Medieval festival in period costume, archery, processions, flag waving and jousting.
10th S. Giustino Antiques market.
10th Lisciano Niccone “Lo Scambivendolo, agricultural, biological and antiques market.
14th – 17th Cdi C Zoccolanti, the popular religious festival for St Pasquale.
15th Gubbio Festa dei Ceri, the ancient race through the streets of Gubbio
17th Cdi C Piazza Metteotti, Antiques market.
17th Montone 6th Umbertide Endurance motorbike race.
24th Gubbio Replica of the Ceri race in miniture
24th – 2nd Cerbara 24th annual Countryside Cherry festival.
24th Monte S. M Tiberina Ascension Day, featuring a historical procession.
30th -2nd Cdi C Piazza Matteotti, Moto in an open air concert.
30th – 31st Cdi C Communal Pool, 22nd International Swimming competition.
31st Umbertide,Scula Media Mavarelli, 44th annual “Fotografia Umbria” exhibition of photographic equipment.
31st Gubbio The famous medieval Crossbow competition.
31st Cdi C Stadio Comunale, “Matty & Co” football tournament.

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