Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Private Chapel Wedding in Umbria, Italy

Situated in the Upper Tiber Valley, is one of Umbria's best kept secrets, a recently refubished medieval monastery with its own chapel and visiting pastor, that offers a marriage service, catering and atmosphere you will never forget.

With the wedding season being relatively short, even in sun kissed Umbria, four months only offers the chance of sixteen fabulous weddings a year. So if you wish to have the fairytale wedding you have always dreamt of in the middle of the Italian countryside, you should start preparing right away. Costs in Umbria are on average half that you would expect to pay in the UK or USA and weddingsumbria's, wedding planner will coordinate and guide the whole day effortlessly for you. Accommodation, church service, music, catering, flowers, photographer, car hire, fireworks, disco dance floor and the many incidental things that make the day. All this will add up to a signiture wedding to cry for.