Thursday, September 03, 2009

A recent famous visitor

A recent famous visitor to La Preghiera was a good looking young Englishman, with his beautiful Japanese girl-friend. They both stayed with the Tunstills whilst attending a large glamourous wedding at a nearby glitzy villa.La Preghiera has a policy of not disclosing, in advance, the names of prospective guests, famous, or infamous, who need their privacy as much as we all do, and this is one of the reasons why they chose us. Even our staff are not informed.This young man, with his partner, drove off to our local bar for a spot of lunch, in their new, sleek and super-low Ferrari. The cat was therefore was well and truly out of the bag!For the remaing few days of their stay there was a constant stream of cars passing the front gate of La Preghiera hoping to catch a glimpse, but in vain, as were the telephone calls from local enthusiasts, which were fielded.The morning arrived for these two exceedingly pleasant people to leave, because he had a bit of serious driving to do the next day in Monaco. the way...his name? Jenson Button.