Tuesday, April 19, 2011


For the 1st time outside the U.S., the American Museum of Natural History in New York has prepared an exhibition on dinosaurs. And we recently found the remains of one in Montevideo, Uruguay, a stomachoschus, a huge old-fashioned type of crocodile.

And all this in the adjacent city of Gubbio at the Palazzo dei Consoli, not far from the Throat of Bottaccione a unique geological site for dinosaur extinction theories, which happened 65 million years ago due to the impact of an asteroid with the land.

There are, as well as fossils and reconstructions of skeletons, many prehistoric ecosystems in which dinosaurs lived. Among the most spectacular is that of Liaoning, in northeast China, reconstructed with large dioramas showing how the planet has been transformed and how these changes have affected the existence of the “terrible lizards. ”

The event is part of “The changing planet“, set in three exhibitions in Italy:

1) Climate (Perugia, Palazzo Baldeschi, until June 5, 2011)

2) Water (Assisi, Bonacquisti Palace, until 15 May 2011)

3) Dinosaurs (Palazzo dei Consoli Gubbio until April 25, 2011).

All in our local area, book now, and hopefully meet up with other interested and interesting people

For more information please visit: www.ilpianetachecambia.it/dinosauri.html

Bookings are now being taken for these dates.